What are the top-ranked and best-three companies for animated explainer videos in Chicago?

So, animation is one of the most popular and trending tools in production companies these days. However, a beautiful animated explainer video can do a lot of great things for your business, like increasing your online presence, getting more people to visit your website, and getting more people to buy from you.

So, an animated explainer video helps in the accomplishment of your goals through the advertisement of your brand’s products or services, through the simplest and most attractive animation explainer videos!

4 Animation Explainer Video Production Companies In Chicago

So, here are a few animation explainer video companies that have the best overall service. The list goes as:

  • Glowza Digital
  • Village Talkies
  • Brand Animators
  • Bottle Rocket Media

1. Glowza Digital

Glowza Digital, one of the leading animation industries, is the name for creative thinking and animation ideas that have the motto to take your brand to the heights of success you have never imagined before!

The company has a simple and straight-forward strategy to offer the clients what they require in a form that leaves an everlasting impression. Whether it's 2D service, or motion graphics, 3D animation, or explainer videos, demo videos, or promotional ads, they know how to make the audience feel about the brand and create an impression that connects your target to the brand on an emotional level. So are you ready to entertain your business with the outstanding services of Glowza Digital?

2. Village Talkies

So let’s look at one of the best animated explainer video productions in Chicago. This animated explainer video company is excellent at creating 3D animated videos. Moreover, the company was established in the year 2008. With the goal of producing incredible and sophisticated 2D animated videos for different brands and organizations.

The animated company, Village Talkies, offers high-quality and profound advertising and promotional videos according to their specialty. However, the enthusiasm and hard-working project and development team of Village Talkies will show the art in every frame of the video.

Since then, the company has gained immense experience in the creation of 3D explainer videos! Lastly, the company introduces you to the most spectacular 3D animation videos, which makes them stand out in Chicago!

The Price Range

Let’s discuss the pricing range of Village Talkies in a short table right below:

Price Range

Video Type

450 for 30 seconds.

Motion Graphics

450 for 30 seconds.

Character Animation

For 30 seconds, the price is $400 USD.


450 for 30 seconds.

Demo Videos

300 USD for 30 seconds

Videos for Mobile Apps

For 30 seconds, USD 500

Corporate Videos

Why Are Village Talkies The Best?

The objectives of Village Talkies are so clear! They have the motive of creating captive, innovative, and comprehensive short explainer videos that can make your brand get unique recognition. So, let's see why we have chosen Village Talkies!

  • Firstly, a highly modified, corporate animated explainer video that fits all essential requirements.
  • Also, a versatile, catchy, and smooth creation with clear schedules.
  • In the end, meticulous quality ensures that the client is satisfied.

3. Brand Animators

So the second-leading and top-leading animated explainer video production in Chicago is Brand Animators! Also, they have expertise in 3D animation videos. Moreover, being one of the best animation companies, they also claim their high-expert level in 2D animation videos.

They offer top-notch, sophisticated, and high-end animated explainer videos, sales videos, promo films, video editing services, corporate videos, product videos, eLearning videos, infographics, explainer videos, research and pitch videos, product demo videos, 2D animation videos, motivational videos, induction training videos, product training videos, and travel videos.

Their highly-skilled team of developers, designers, and animators work with full dedication, commitment, and mindfulness to create something that goes beyond the expectations of the client. However, the goal is to provide an animation video that is attention-grabbing, easy to understand, and worth watching!

4. Bottle Rocket Media

Bottle Rocket Media is another well-known and industry-leading animated explainer video service provider company that has the best animation tools and thinks of out-of-the-box ideas!

The company is an award-winning 2D animation video production company that is known for its high level of professionalism and fully managed skill set. They make videos, virtual events, and movement designs.

Lastly, as an expert and professional animation company in Chicago, they have a wide range of services they offer to their clients, which are as follows: 

The composing and planning of all-designed 3D animation videos, motivational videos, infographics, explainer videos, research & pitch videos, travel videos, induction training videos, corporate videos, eLearning videos, product training videos, 2D animation videos, product videos, product demo videos, video editing services, sales videos, and promo films.

Why Does Bottle Rock Media Rock In Chicago?

So, as a professional video animator company in Chicago, there are certain standards for Bottle Rock Media. If you have used their services for 2D or 3D animated videos, you must know how they work! 

The output is immensely great. That captures attention at a glance. But other than the high quality of their animated videos, they have the best feature for all their clients, which makes them a heart-winning company. So, let's see why we chose Bottle Rock Media!

  • Based on their different budgets, the company's clients can ask for a specific set of services that will help them achieve their goals.
  • Furthermore, the best and most skilled company in Chicago has the right experts and professionals on hand who have a keen dedication, enthusiasm, and unrivaled imagination to discover compelling, engaging, and meaningful product videos.


To review, there is a high need for an animated explainer video service provider for your brands to create inspiring and engaging 2D or 3D explainer videos, motion graphics, and promotional videos for your products and services. So, here we have listed down the top 4 animation companies in Chicago that you will love to come again and again for their exceptional results.